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Friday, June 13, 2014

Soapy Canning Jars

With new shop vac in tow, Mr. Scott headed to the basement to tackle spider webs and dust bunnies.  We ended up partnering up and cleaning out about a 1/4 of the basement...part of that being my pantry.  Many moons ago, I went gung ho canning, but between picky toddlers, pregnancies with terrible morning sickness, and Mr. Scott being gone a lot for that pesky career, I had a lot of old, uneaten and mouse-trampled jars of food.  Some of them even lost their seal and went moldy.  So, I decided to contribute to our compost pile and start afresh.

Therefore, my favorite chore of the day was washing the jars out of doors.  Here they are lined up in their sudsy glory right before being turned over for a good rinse with the water hose (and subsequent rainfall).

I wish I caught a picture of this, but before they were washed out, a chipmunk took advantage of the residue and leavings, licking out jellies and sauces from the edges of the jars.  He precariously balanced on the slippery rims and helped himself to the buffet.

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