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Living small in our 880 square foot cottage and micro farming on approximately an acre of land.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Handywoman and Harvesting

In an effort to keep dampness at bay in the basement (and not run fans and the dehumidifier constantly), I decided the one window I actually have both frames for needed a screen.  A quick rummage through the stacks of the original rotting storm windows and screens for this cottage and I found a frame so rotted it was forever unusable for our windows.

 However, the screen was still intact and could easily be cut to size.

 It's not the prettiest screen, having seen spray paint (hence the void where the cross piece lay) and weather, but it is a sturdy ol' screen and certainly keeps the breezes blowing through the basement.

The raised bed was in desperate need of a weeding and clean up.  I harvested the last of the radishes and spinach there and thinned the turnips.

I gave the pig the greens and thinned bits, but he wouldn't eat them!  I thought it would be great fattening him up on my garden waste, saving money on feed, but he won't have any of it!

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