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Friday, June 6, 2014

Canning Stock and a Pig!

Last year I bought a turkey around Thanksgiving and that bird sat in my freezer with no occasion for to be cooked.  So, I decided to defrost that bird and divide it into meals.  I ground the breast up to make Italian meatloaf.  The leftover meatloaf has been cut and turned into meatballs (meatsquares?) which stretched two meals.  The legs and wings were grilled and devoured, but the bones and leftover bits of meat were made into a hearty stock.  The remaining carcass was boiled into stock, the leftover bits of meat removed.  I was able to get EXACTLY 7 quarts of stock!  I pressure canned it and voila!  Stock for fall and wintertime!

My wonderful husband finished the pigpen today and was able to go get our big.  This little boy will be ready in time for Christmas dinner.  Yes, I'm having a hard time not getting attached to him already, but we got him for quality pork for our family and that's what he'll be.  He's already enjoying rutting up the pigpen, pigging out on the leftover hay we gleaned from the mowed hay field next door, and my first batch of swill, and an apple.

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