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Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Penny Saved #2

My goal for this week's grocery shopping was to get enough for the week for under $100.  That isn't easy with a family of 6 and being as particular about quality foods as I can afford.  I managed with just under $94.00 and only crossed off one thing on my list and substituted another.  I crossed off baking cocoa.  I don't NEED it and I also have a canister of carob powder that could be put to use somehow.

Last year around Thanksgiving Aldi had a gallon of peanut oil for $10.  I grabbed it and was able to use and reuse it for 7 months.  I only have a little used oil left, Aldi no longer sells peanut oil this time of year, and the only other place I can get refined pure peanut oil sells it for nearly $5 for 12 oz.  So, I decided to browse the grocery store for an alternative.  I will not use soy, corn, vegetable or Crisco oils.  I checked out the SnowCap Lard, but it is hydrogenated and contains BHA.  So, over to the meat department I went and found suet for $1.69 lb.

I'm rendering the suet!
I got a quart out of only half the suet I purchased!
Here it is still warm in its liquid state.

Here it is solidified.
I have to tell you, it feels like heaven on the skin!
It's a bit weird to me to rub animal fat on my skin, but it is wonderful, really!
I'll make soap out of some of it sometime, and maybe a lotion, too.

I also purchased inexpensive slices of top round steak (one with a day-old coupon on it) and ground it up for ground beef.  It was cheaper than buying ground beef outright.

Lastly, we had a lovely afternoon downpour.  I decided to take advantage of it and washed my hair in it rather than running the well pump, pressure tank, softener and water heater.  I wish I had a Berkey.  I would have collected rain water and run it through a Berkey filter.

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  1. Take a look at Sawyer water filters. They work really well and I think they are cheaper than Berkey. My parents have used Sawyer in Central Africa without boiling water like they had to do before.
    Enjoying your blog,
    Diana from Seattle (mom of 9)

    1. Thank you! I will look into the Sawyer filters. Thanks for visiting and commenting!