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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Of Potatoes and Cottage Gardens

After several days of almost non stop rain and now the budding seasonal warmth, my garden is growing.  More seeds have finally sprouted, along with weeds, weeds weeds.  Two plants are proving stubborn growers this year:  wax beans and potatoes.  I've given up on the wax beans after planting them twice, so I just planted extra bush beans.  The potatoes, however, I've only gotten two plants out of the three rows to surface.  If I don't see any more greenery soon, I'll fill in those rows with beets, beans, peas and any other spare seed that might work there and fill our pantry and freezer for the winter.  I'll just have to purchase my potatoes from a local farm.

Yesterday, the children and I went on a homeschool field trip to the Beaver Sprite.  Dorothy Richards lived there and was known as the Beaver Woman, a self-taught expert on Beavers.  I was endeared to her little vintage cottage in the woods.  Surrounding the cedar shakes were cottage gardens in various stages of growth and bloom.  It made me consider what I could do around the foundation and corners of my little cottage.  Mr. Scott isn't a fan of foundation plantings, but maybe we could compromise.

I've already decided that I want peonies and a honeysuckle vine next year.

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