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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Early June Happenings...BABIES

It is a cool and gloomy, rainy day today making it a perfect time to sit down and consider how our early June has gone.

I LOVE our pig.  Ok, ok, before I get lectured about getting attached, fact is I'm gonna like the pig and you can't stop me from liking the pig.  Also, my liking the pig isn't going to stop it from winding up in our freezer.  The pig has a purpose:  to be well cared for by us and then bless us with nourishment.  I am grateful to God for the pig and grateful to pig for himself.  So, I just couldn't help taking another picture of him.

But, the biggest news is BABIES!  Our rabbit gave birth!  I don't know how many she has, yet.  I'm leaving them alone for now, other than several visual inspections during the day to see how they are faring.  There is one spotted one who is quite feisty.

It is the season of the clover!  Red clover is good for the ladies, so here I have it ready for an infusion with borage flowers and red raspberry leaves.

Otherwise, my youngest and I picked a mason jar full of red and white clover for clover jelly!

My oldest is a butterfly hunter, now.  This swallowtail found it's way into our kitchen porch.  We released it, of course.  

The garden continues to grow, though we could use some hotter weather to really get things going.  Hopefully, after this rain we'll get some good sunny days and watch everything shoot up.

In the meantime, the children are certainly getting their vitamins D.  That is the real vitamin D from the sunshine and vitamin DIRT!  Just look at that bathtub after my two middle children had their baths!  

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