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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Berries At Dusk

I was invited to come whenever I pleased to a horse pasture nearby to forage for wild strawberries.  It rained for 4 days straight and I was afraid the harvest was ruined.  Nonetheless, after I tucked the children in bed and left them with daddy, I drove down the lane, deep beyond the main road, and found them.  

I took an hour at dusk and quarter filled my small stock pot with the tiny, tart berries.

They are tart this year.

It was chilly.  Much more like October than mid-June. 
I had to wear my light fleece jacket.
It's green and must have attracted all the little hopping bugs because I was perpetually shooing them off. 

Besides the bugs, the horses came over to neigh hello while I foraged.
But, the left when the skunk made his presence known.
I would have left, too, but after scanning the field for nearby Pepe and not seeing him, I decided he was far enough away to not be a bother.

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