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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Selling Flower Jelly?

A couple years ago I tried my hand at making flower jellies.  After all, I had all these edible flowers around the yard, why not make good use of them?  I made wood violet jelly and white clover jelly.  Both were quite delicious jellies.  This year I want to do nasturtium, borage, red clover, dandelion, lavender and possibly even lilac jellies.

I thought about selling my jellies, but I am not sure my state regulations will allow.  As far as I can tell fruit jellies can be made in the home and sold with proper licensing, etc.  But, does that extend to flower jellies?  And then there's the situation of harvesting.  I keep my harvesting to untreated yards and woods (mainly my own), but how would the state feel about that?

Best I can do is ask!

Update:  My state only allows the sale of home processed high acid fruit jams, jellies and preserves within the state.  I need a commercial kitchen and proper licensing to sell flower jellies. :-(

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