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Monday, April 21, 2014

Best Diaper Rash Remedy Ever

Browned Flour

My youngest can develop some really bad diaper rashes.  I've tried petroleum jelly, commercial diaper rash creams and guards, coconut oil, caster oil jelly, and powders and none seem to really break through the rash.  His rashes can get so bad they eat away at his skin causing open sores.

I had heard before that browned flour was the way to go for diaper rashes, but I couldn't believe it.  Was it really that simple and inexpensive?  What possibly could be in browned flour that would heal a diaper rash so bad that it bled?

So, this crazy momma tried it.  I threw some inexpensive all purpose flour I have set aside for homemade play dough into a dry, hot skillet and stirred it gently until it browned.  I let it cool and powdered my baby's behind liberally every diaper change.  Over night, we had an 85%-90% improvement on the diaper rash!!!  Within days, it is gone!

No more weeks on end of agonizing diaper changes and messy creams!


  1. We've tried this too and it's amazing how something so simple helps out so much! We also use cornstarch which has good results too. :)

  2. My tried and true method was to break open a capsule of Vitamin E and use that on any red areas. By the next diaper change, any redness was gone . I used cloth diapers with wool covers so I think that allowed the skin to "breathe" better, so there weren't any serious rash issues.

    1. Cloth diapers seem to aggravate his condition, but it is his poop that gives him the rash. Every so often he gets a series of sour poops that bring on a bad rash. They tend to coincide with teething. His is part time cloth diapered and part time disposable diapered. He's 2 now, so we're working on potty training a little.