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Friday, April 25, 2014

A Busy and Fun Work Day

The other day after homeschooling in the morning we took advantage of the absolutely perfect weather to get a good workday in.  One of our bigger projects on our little homestead is pulling up the decorative pond.  The pond was put in by my brother who lived here before us.  I hate pulling up all his hard work.  The pond really is lovely when up and running and we enjoyed it for years, but I'm hoping to put a goat barn in that area in the future.  Plus, our two youngest already fell in it this year!  That scares a momma.

I've got the upper level of the pond pulled out and almost filled back in.

My preschool son decided to take the rocks that surrounded the upper part of the pond and make a stone wall.  Some of those are good sized rocks!  If he couldn't lift them, he rolled them.  

However, they're supposed to go here, in our stone wall that edges the top of our property.  

It is always nice to add a little play to work when appropriate.  I couldn't quite muscle out the pond liner on my own, so I tied it to the 4-Wheeler and my oldest discovered he could surf.  So, I took him for a ride around the yard.  Don't worry.  My top speed was 3 mph.  Let's have fun without an ER visit, shall we?

We're trying to raise money for a barn.  We would greatly and humbly appreciate it if you considered donating towards our dream by clicking the barn picture the right or clicking HERE.

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