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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter Dress

My daughter just loves her Easter dress!  She picked out the fabric herself and helped design it.  I made the pattern by sketching it out on the lining fabric which is the cotton center of a king size bedskirt.

The waistband, complete with decorative bunny rabbit button.

She wanted big, hot pink pompoms for trim, but when I offered the pink centered daisies, she thought they would be nicer.  I agree.  Detail of collar.

I love the old fashioned look to the dress.  While I'm not against modern styled dresses, there's just something refreshing about the old fashioned look.  I'm so glad my daughter likes the look.  I knife pleated the skirt and the petticoat to create a fullness to the skirt.

A close up of the back with a neat row of pink bunny buttons.

The hem, trimmed with the daisies and the petticoat lace.  The lace was given to me by a friend.

For another beautiful hand made Easter dress, click HERE.


  1. So CUTE! I had a dress like that when I was little. I wish people would dress up more often! <3

  2. I am very impressed with your sewing skills. I would love to draft my own clothes, much cheaper than buying patterns:) it's a very pretty dress.

  3. Thank you, Jo! I used to sew historical garments as a career before I had children. Historical pattern makers hold tight on their pattern copyrights, and there was a lot of custom work, so I had to learn how to draft my own patterns. Plus, I hate cutting out pattern paper. LOL!