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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Raised Beds

My husband got a hold of some slab wood, so I snagged a few pieces and made a raised bed for early crops.  Our children were eager to fill it, but it was going to take a lot to fill it.

So, hubby tackled it, emptying the newly made soil out of the compost heap.

And that day he tilled it, set up pea fencing and I planted it.  It has peas, radishes, turnips, lettuce, kale and spinach.  I look forward to seeing sprouts!

I built another smaller raised bed next to it (not in the picture).  It isn't filled yet and I'm not sure what I'm going to put in it, but I'm thinking I may move my strawberries into it in hopes of a better strawberry crop.

I'm beginning to get addicted to raised beds.  I want to build more and more and just fill them with wonderful goodies!  But, I think two this year are plenty.

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  1. I love raised beds, each year we add a few to our garden! Thanks for sharing your post on the HomeAcre Hop, hope to see you again tomorrow! - Nancy
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