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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Considering Our Barn

We have rabbits living in our basement right now.  Soon, we will be receiving a pig and chickens.  These animals and all their feed/supplies need a place to live.  So, for a couple months now, we've been looking at small barns and sheds.  We looked at so many and just haven't been able to settle.  The ones more easily affordable aren't quite what we're looking for and the ones we love aren't easily affordable.  It is a scary concept to drop the last of our savings on building for the property, especially when you KNOW added expenses are going to show up.

Then, I looked out our window.  Apparently, hubby did, too.  We HAVE a barn.  It is sitting in our yard right now!  It's just stuffed to the rafters with STUFF.

We've been thinking this whole barn thing backwards.  We don't need a barn.  We HAVE a barn.  What we need is a storage shed, a nice, simple, INEXPENSIVE storage shed.

We wanted to move the barn we have anyway, so we'll move it to the back of our property for the animals and put the storage shed up where we wanted to move the barn originally!

The savings?  A couple thousand dollars!!

Funny how I pray and pray and pray for answers and God's like, "uh, Kate?  Right there!"

I mean, really, how many times did hubby and I point to that barn next to our driveway and say, "we need a barn like that one for the animals."  LOL!  How linear we think, sometimes.

Granted, I'm not exactly thrilled with getting a metal shed.  I much prefer a nice, sturdy wooden structure, but it'll be cheap enough should we decide to replace it later.  I'm going to have hubby build it a nice floor to sit on, though.  I'll feel much better about it if it has a nice, level, sturdy floor.

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