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Living small in our 880 square foot cottage and micro farming on approximately an acre of land.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Yard Sale Prep

I've been preparing for two weeks now for a yard sale at my sister's house (she gets better traffic than I do).  As the big day gets closer, I am getting more ruthless with what to get rid of.  In fact, I just spotted my daughter's toddler PFD in the nearby closet.  She's likely too big for it now and it is way too girly to pass down to little brothers.  Off it goes into a box for the sale!

Living in a small house with many people required frequent purging and reevaluation of stuff.  Sometimes it does merit holding on to things, but other times I just can't afford the clutter, even if it is something recently purchased, such as the electric foot massager.  I have perfectly adorable feet with no ickiness to them at all, but I can't get anyone in the house to rub them for me, so I bought an electrical doo-hickey to do the job.  But, it mostly just tickles, which isn't very relaxing.  So, I may pop that in the sale, too.

I am hoping to make over $100 and use that money at the greenhouse to purchase what I need for the garden.  Whatever is left over will go into anything the rabbits may need to be moved out of our basement and into an outdoor enclosure of some sort.

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