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Thursday, May 1, 2014

A Penny Saved #1

It's been raining, cold and dark these last few days, so not much is getting done on our micro farm outside.  So, I turn my focus indoors.

We seem to be bombarded with rising bills and cost of living.  I'm beginning to feel like we're entering a Great Depression of sorts again!  Throughout the day the sayings of old pop into my mind:

"Waste not, want not."

"A penny saved is a penny earned."  

It is actually a fun challenge to see where I can pinch pennies and waste not.

Here are two simple things I've done this week to save a penny.  They're not much, but every little bit counts.  
Target had these reusable sandwich bags in their $1.00 section with 3 per package!  No more buying ziplock bags for hubby's lunches!  Sorry, hubby, that they're so girly.

I cleaned out our cabinet where we keep our bread and found bag after bag of bread ends, slightly squished and stale, thus no small child is going to want to eat them.  So, I cubed them up and I am making them into bread pudding for breakfast.

*A Penny Saved will be a series I post about the little things or ideas one can do to save a little.  

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  1. Those are a couple of great ideas, thanks for submitting them to the HomeAcre blog hop :) Feel free to stop by again on Thursday and submit another post!