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Living small in our 880 square foot cottage and micro farming on approximately an acre of land.

Saturday, May 17, 2014


May has proven to be a very busy month.  I didn't expect anything less, but my oh my!  I certainly look forward to homeschooling being done for the school year, and getting my washing machine fixed.  Thankfully, we only have 8 days left of homeschooling!

During all this busy-ness, we're enjoying Spring in full bloom, particularly the Dandelions!  Many people hate Dandelions, but not me.
I've been enjoying bouquets of Dandelions from my children.  Seriously, how sweet is this?!  He presented them to me as my Mother's Day gift, completely unbidden and unprompted.  Although, I have encouraged my children to not pick every single Dandelion they see because they are first foods for hungry bees waking up in the Spring.

But, with this field of sunshine next door, I don't think the bees have anything to worry about.  

The rabbits and I have been enjoying Dandelion greens (and the clover), and so has this little toad.  Can you spot him?  He's the first toad I've seen this year.

We took advantage of all those Dandelions to harvest their tops for Dandelion Jelly.  Yum!

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  1. I like dandelions before they grow 2 ft tall overnight. I have never heard of dandelion jelly!!