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Monday, May 5, 2014

Cold Weather, Set Backs and Greener Grasses

The cooler weather and rain lingers.  Day after day, it seems, it is dreary.  I have yet to put away my winter coat, scarf and gloves.  It is holding back the spring seedlings, the buds, yard clean up, and laundry.

But, it is good weather for soups:

I had three different soups going at the same time for lunch over the weekend.  Clam (made from broth saved from draining canned tune and salmon), beef barley vegetable (made from the bone and drippings of a beef dinner the day before), and ham lentil soup (made from leftover bits of ham steak from a dinner earlier in the week).

Spring hasn't even really kicked off yet, but winter preparations are already under way.  The boys helped Grandpa unload pellets for the winter (although Grandpa is STILL burning pellets because it is so cold and damp).  

We visited Grandpa and Grandma and had a long talk about the state and State we live in and if the grass really is greener if we moved south.

Hubby and I faced our own setbacks.  We had a free shed lined up, but that fell through.
We had unexpected financial setbacks due to the cost of surviving winter, the State's taxes, and his job benefits.
Will we even get our pig this year?
Will our rabbits ever make it out of the basement and into a barn?
Can we make it through another winter?
Will we forever be running at rat race and never making headway?

Is the grass really greener if we moved south?  Because it certainly is barely greening up here!

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  1. The grass is definitely greener down south at this time; however, it turns brown in the summer! We wouldn't be able stand the heat! Hang in there.