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Thursday, September 18, 2014

No More Boiling Tomatoes!!

I've been canning for nearly 3 decades, now and for all that time, when it came to putting up tomatoes, I would set a pot of water to simmer on the stove, put the tomatoes in a few at a time, spoon them out to cool and then peel them.  Oh, the long, tedious task it is when you have a peck of tomatoes or more!

Then, I read about roasting the tomatoes, instead.  Yeah, I've heard about this before, but for some reason it never stuck.  But, as I lay in bed one morning thinking about it, I realized I could do a LOT of tomatoes at once!  And I bet it changes the flavor a bit, too, to something delectable.

So, I tried it.  I was able to fill my largest roasting pan with tomatoes from my garden, popped it in the oven at 300 and let it roast away while I did some homeschooling with my children.  Soon, it smelled heavenly, and the tomato skins were soft and split and ready to come off once cooled.

So much easier and faster.

And the flavor did become more robust!

And I'm making sauce:

Roast tomatoes to loosen skins.
Remove skins.
Drain tomatoes in a sieve or colander.
Puree tomatoes in blender or food processor.
Run puree through a hand mill food processor.  This removes the seeds.
Place in a crockpot with your seasoning on high, uncovered until the sauce thickens to your desired consistency.

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