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Monday, September 15, 2014

Chicken Coop Dilemma

You'll notice on the sidebar that we are asking for donations in exchange for ad space in order to help us fund raise for a larger, winter coop for our chickens.

We had the money all lined up for the winter coop.  The plans were made and the unforeseen and unfortunate happened.  Mr. Scott wound up ill and hospitalized.  4 ER visits, 1 night in ICU, 7 days in the hospital,  and 1 month out of work with no pay.  On top of that, we had unexpected and odd vehicle repairs.  Needless to say our chicken coop money was evaporated.  Winter is approaching early this year, it seems.  Our birds NEED a better home for the winter.  

So, we are reaching out for assistance, but not just hand outs.  In return, we offer you advertising not only here on this growing blog, but also on our facebook page and my (Kate's) personal facebook page.

We also humbly appreciate any donation amount.  

Thank you!

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