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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Evening Walks

It is still daylight after 7pm and is sometimes above freezing, so I am able to resume my evening strolls after the children are tucked into their beds. It has been a cruel winter, to say the least. As I beat the pavement in my muck boots, I observed the visible damages of a long, cold, hard winter. The sand on the side of the road is thick and heavy. Yards and edges of driveways are rutted up. There is trash everywhere along the sides of the road. Everything from beer cans, cigarette packs, a broken video game, household trash, and mail that months back wound up in a snowbank. I made 40 cents in deposit cans on my first walk!

 My first walk of the year was chilly from the fierce wind coming from the west. We need the wind to dry things out and bring warmer weather, though. It was invigorating! I saw a flock of robins hopping around (pictured above) and that made me glad. Aside from the near frozen robin in a snowbank I saw a few weeks ago, these were my first robins. Spring is coming.

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