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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

She Sews, Too!

We are attending a 1950's themed birthday party on Sunday.  I decided to make my daughter a My Little Pony Pinkie Pie cutie mark poodle skirt.

And I had so much fun making it, I'm offering made to order skirts HERE.

I also sell bars of small batch homemade soap from all natural ingredients (no cheap filler oils) for $3.50 a bar.

You can also acquire a jar of my homemade floral jelly (I have dandelion, clover and lilac available in 4oz jars) for a donation to our farm.*

This time of year limits my creativity to homeschooling projects and the harvest.  I look forward to wintertime when I can delve into soapmaking and sewing again.

*These are home-canned jellies from non-acidic products (lemon juice is added).  I carefully follow strict instructions on home canning and my family eats it year round, but you are responsible for realizing the risk of ingesting homemade products.*  

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