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Friday, August 22, 2014

Not a Hipster: Carhartts and Flannel

August has been more like September this year.  With that coolness and beautiful, misty mornings, my thoughts turn to caring for the micro farm as the crispness of fall turns into the arctic temperatures of winter.  

Usually, this time of year I dream of jewel colored dresses and thick, opaque tights with vintagey oxfords.  This year, I find myself staring at flannels and pondering Carhartts and absolutely dreaming of cozy wool socks.  (Wish I knew how to knit socks!)  Instead of buying new oxfords or Mary Janes in a cheeky 1930's turns modern look, I'm wondering if my muck boots need replacing.  

I haven't thrown aside my feminine side and fun outfits in the least.  But, there are other priorities now.  And those flannel lined mom jeans at Tractor Supply are starting to look good....well, maybe not THAT good.

I still dream of looking like this in Autumn:

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  1. So cool to read your refreshing blog post, while I'm sweating here in Arizona. Love plaid too. Be well. Love well. Lead a colorful life! Nancy A. @ Found you at Tuesdays with a Twist #73 is LIVE!