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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Babies Are Already Here!

All of my children were born pre-term, so it makes sense that for me, shoats would come before spring.
Hubby came home last weekend with these two little girls.

Meet Link and Patty.
(Pork and Chop, our Tamworth crosses were sent to the butcher the week before.)

Nothing boosts the farming spirit like new babies!!

Hubby rebuilt their covered portion of the pen, and added the duck coop (the ducks decided to live with the chickens in the chicken coop for the winter) so these darlings could stay warm in our North Eastern Winters.
Hubby was able to get a truckload of loose hay to pack into their pen and hut to keep them warm.

I rebuilt their fencing so the little darlings don't sneak out, as naughty little piggies are prone to do.

I check them every day for frost bite and how warm they are.
So far, despite temperatures in the single digits at night and winds whipping about, they are doing well.

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  1. How exciting! Pigs is one animal I have never raised and might never (just because my cousin supplies me with pork and we have other animals to raise). They are pretty adorable.

    We just had baby Boer goats born right here, and that was so exciting! The two little doe girls huddle under the heat lamp all the time, but the giant buck baby (we're calling him Colossus) refuses to go under his heat lamp. I guess he's warm enough, but it makes me nervous every time I go to check on him!