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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Don't Knock the Fair-Weather Farmers

We all go a little crazy in the spring.
One more goat won't hurt.  One more packet of seeds.  One more hatching of chicks'll be fun!
And so it happens for many greenhorn Americans.
They flock Tractor Supply and ooh and ahh over the chicks peeping away under the red lights.
And wouldn't that red and white pre built chicken coop look adorable in the backyard?

And so they buy.
They set up and enjoy.
All spring and summer long their little flock grows and it is cute.
Fall time the eggs start coming and it is amazing!
This is a taste of what it feels like to be self-sufficient.

But, the American Gothic, magazine cover idealism fades.

Winter comes.
Manure happens.
Illness (human or animal).

And it isn't fun anymore.
The coop isn't cute anymore.
In fact, it's gross.

Some tough it out and find themselves back in the spring fever cycle.
Some just post it all to craigslist.

And that's ok.
Yes, I think it is ok.
They tried.  I think everyone who has the taste in their mouth for it should try.
They might discover something about themselves, whether it is a growing awe and love for farming, self sufficiency, or homesteading.
Or they discover that it isn't for them, and the animals move on to a new home with someone who is willing to trudge out several times a day in January's -20 temps to issue new water and check combs and feet.

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